by Sordid

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released May 31, 2013



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Sordid Lima, Peru

Rough Tales w/
Noisy Riffin'

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Track Name: Merciless
Watch me, down, lying on this wretch celd
doomed till my hour of death
I am full of hate , they just
want to find another victim
to pay for ,their, sick crimes.

Thoughts of
final solution
to end this life
fills my mind day and night
I'm bleeding out
There's no turning back
Cold and gone
Don't regret nothing at all / Both must die in my last breath

Stay away, I, don't believe in your words
but my final hour draws near
Seems I'll have to trust
Now only a couple of bullets
restrain myself from reach my freedom again.

Fear, is what I see in their eyes
and this delight takes me as I see them crawl
Point-Blank ,fire ,knifes,blood and hate
all mixed on the floor
I'll be just merciless as them.
Track Name: Evil Invaders (Razor)
Beneath the dampened soil lies a terror from the past
The rotting corpses of the damned where evil has been cast
A deathly curse surrounding all the ancient graves and tombs
The time has come the time is now: release unearthly doom

Lightning strikes, evil night, start the dreaded turmoil
Rotting flesh appears now from above the loosened soil
Rising from the underworld, destroy the human race
Unleashed upon a dreary night to spread unholy grace
From hell they rise , with screams and cries
At death's own will
In frantic rage they set the stage
They start to kill

Evil Invaders: Death deception in the night
Evil Invaders: Corruption as they fight the fight
Evil Invaders: Spreading out to take command
Evil Invaders: The future of mankind at hand

Mutilated bodies now employed upon the streets
Searching around, seeking out the human flesh to eat
Resurgence of the damned will our cities fate defeat?
Unless we're strong and earth defend we'll fall beneath their feet

The evil force grows stronger as the terror grows intense
The panic stricken population builds up its defence
A sudden rude awakening as cities fall to dread
Amidst the human slaughter, tell us how we kill the dead.
Track Name: Red Death
Blood is coming out so fast
I begin to feel dazed
Disease spreading death
Pain ,surrounding all my neck
Hands covered in sweat
My veins are going to break.

Hidden in a black coat
Red Clouds surrounds the crowd
Their shameless faults they keep trying to justify
The Blood his mark, the red his sign
Breaking dawn, sun about to rise
All of them have been reduced in solely dust.
Track Name: Echoes
A cry in the distance is all I'm able to hear now
in these deep woods where calmness is what I seek
Shadows in the night , voices throught the fog
Kodamas swinging and laughing as they drive me to despair.

Praying to some lord
Demons gazing from above
Face your luck
You've been warned before
Ghost of everyone, I saw
Whispers no more
Ditches filled with my blood
I wish being deprived of life.

Echoes breaks the silence , lights yield to the darkness
Ilussions or I'm dreaming, keep trying to get awake
Looking for a way out , remaining faith got lost
Seems that no one will hear my last spoken words.